Chaos Chapter 7 PQ
Ragash's Last Stand
zone: Ostland

Ragash's Last Stand Public Quest

Destruction, Chaos, Chapter 7

location: Kournos' Encampment, Ostland, Chapter 7

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Bog Hunters, Griffon Outpost

PQ Lore: Ragash Bloody-Horns, bearer of the Darkfire Scepter, has fallen back from the encroaching warriors of Chaos to his Herdstone near Trapper Lake. There, he has rallied his most trusted Shamans and Gors to fend off the Northmen and keep his claim on the Scepter.

Stage 1: Bloody Horn Beastmen

Stage 2: Bloody Horn Shamans

Stage 3: Ragash Bloody Horn

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