Chaos Chapter 9 PQ
Tearing the Portal

Tearing the Portal Public Quest

Destruction, Chaos, Chapter 9

location: Trollhaugen, Troll Country, Chapter 9

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Plague Altar, The Blightstone Trolls

PQ Lore: A warband dedicated to Father Nurgle is scouring the hills of Troll Country in search of the Soulblight Stone. The warband also casts a wary eye towards the forces of Tchar'zanek. Led by the ambitious warlord Sysstos the Wretch, the forces of Nurgle are guarding a rift used to travel the Realm of Chaos.

Stage 1: Infected Warriors

Stage 2: Belarrl the Chosen Reaches the Portal

Stage 3: Sysstos the Wretched

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