Greenskin Chapter 4 PQ
Goldfist's Hole Recovery
zone: Ekrund

Goldfist's Hole Recovery Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 4

location: Gorgor's Smash, Ekrund, Chapter 4

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Broketoof Camp, Raider's Haven

PQ Lore: The largest sinkhole in Ekrund is also the one containing the greatest lost treasure. Called "Goldfist's Hole," the pit opened up under the pavilion of the Dwarf General, Farlok Goldfist, plunging him and all of his supply chests of precious stones and rare metals, into a great pit.

Dwarfs from all around have come to recover old mines and protect the flooded tombs of their ancestors. As the work began, greenskin attacks became more and more common. It soon became apparent that there was a nearby greenskin camp. Led by the Black Orc Gorgor, the greenskins have grown ever bolder. It won't be long before Gorgor commits his entire force to attacking the Dwarf excavation.

Stage 1: Kill Irontoe Dwarfs

Stage 2: Water Pumps

Stage 3: Halfdan Ironrail

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