Greenskin Chapter 4 PQ
Raider's Haven
zone: Ekrund

Raider's Haven Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 4

location: Gorgor's Smash, Ekrund, Chapter 4

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Broketoof Camp, Goldfist's Hole Recovery

PQ Lore: The Red Raiders, ragtag human bandits, have hampered efforts by the Bloody Sun Boyz to get a secure foothold in the area. The Raiders have ambushed roaming greenskin patrols, hijacked stolen shipments of needed goods and generally become a thorn in the Greenskins' side.
A patrol of Goblins from the Bloody Sun Boyz camp located the main Red Raider camp. All members of the patrol were killed save one, who quickly returned to Gorgor and told him where the "humies" were hiding. Gorgor has now dispatched greenskins to the location to destroy the camp once and for all.

Stage 1: Destroy Outpost Tents

Stage 2: Red Taskmasters

Stage 3: Vergis Black

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