Chaos Chapter 13 PQ
Keep of Asavar Kul
zone: High Pass

Keep of Asavar Kul Public Quest

Destruction, Chaos, Chapter 13

location: Bloodmarr, High Pass, Chapter 13

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Guts Out, Tempest Horn

PQ Lore: The Warden's Keep, once the proud home of crusading Knights Panther, was sacked by one of the numerous Chaos warbands that use High Pass as a means to invade the Empire. The Keep has lain dormant for a long time, the bones of the dead now locked in ice or buried beneath the snow drifts. Asavar Kul, a Necromancer of some skill, has a sinister purpose I mind for these mortal remains.

Stage 1: Kulian Black Knights

Stage 2: Sir Tonis

Stage 3: Asavar Kul

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