Greenskin Chapter 5 PQ
Danurgi's Rangers

Danurgi's Rangers Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 5

location: Da Big Sand, Barak Varr, Chapter 5

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Up the Creek Without a Battle, Firebeard's Slayers

PQ Lore: Tall pines line the rocky outcroppings southwest of the Greenskin base. From a hidden encampment, the Hammerstriker Rangers patrol the road in grim determination, looking for signs of danger that might threaten the Slayer Camp.

The Rangers are led by Danurgi, a Dwarf of iron will and stone resolve. Uncertain of the purpose behind the One Tusk Tribe's wayward advance, Danurgi has sworn to guard the Slayers until the salvage operation is complete.

Nogaz believes the Hammerstriker Rangers to be the advance scouts of the main Barak Varr force and has ordered them wiped out so that Mork's will may be done.

Stage 1: Hammerstriker Dwarfs

Stage 2: Hammerstriker Veterans

Stage 3: Danurgi

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