Chaos Warcamp BO
Chokethorne Bramble

Chokethorne Bramble Objective

Destruction, Chaos, Warcamp

location: Darkstone Vantage, Reikland, Warcamp

PQ Lore: The warped landscape of the Chaos Wastes affects everything that exists within it. Even the few plants that manage to grow here have been twisted into thorny, malevolent-looking constructs. Razor-sharp brambles leave marks like scourges on the bare flesh of anyone unfortunate enough to try to navigate through them.

It is rumored that nearby Zimmeron's Hold once guarded a great power nestled within the brambles, but that the power warped and transformed the thorns so that they crushed and consumed whatever it was they once hid. The shattered ruins and broken icons within the brambles are all that is left of the truth.

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