Chaos Warcamp BO
Thaugamond Massif

Thaugamond Massif Objective

Destruction, Chaos, Warcamp

location: Darkstone Vantage, Reikland, Warcamp

PQ Lore: From atop this high cliff the Lord Thaumagand ordered the sacrifice of his army to the Dark Gods, so that a massive fortress might be founded upon their corpses and built with their souls. Unfortunately for Thaumagand, the Ruinous Powers required one more sacrifice in order to build their great keep in the northern wastes. There is no grave to mark where he fell, but if one climbs the massif one can see the massive walls of Zimmerond's Hold, the fortress bought with an army's blood. It is said that the Dark Gods granted Thaumagand a vision of the keep before he died, so that he would know sight of the fortress he for which he paid and would never own.

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