Chaos Chapter 16 PQ

Fall of Grimclan Public Quest

Destruction, Chaos, Chapter 16

location: Awakened Tempest, Chaos Wastes, Chapter 16

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Sands of Time, The Tower of Awakening

PQ Lore: Following the trail of ancient legend, the Grimclan Dwarfs choose to emulate the tale of their patron god, Grimnir who is said to have ventured into the Chaos Wastes in search of the portal that was unleashing Daemons into the world. It is presumed he was successful, though no proof of this exists.

The Dwarfs have come upon an ancient rune, so aged that even the most proficient of Runelords struggle with its deciphering. Convinced it is mark left by Grimnir himself in his epic journey northward, they work night and day attempting to decode its mysteries, pausing only to attack any warriors of Chaos foolish enough to draw near and interrupt their sacred task.

Stage 1: Grimclan Veterans

Stage 2: Mark of Grimnir

Stage 3: Runelord Vargrum

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