Chaos Chapter 16 PQ
The Tower of Awakening

The Tower of Awakening Public Quest

Destruction, Chaos, Chapter 16

location: Awakened Tempest, Chaos Wastes, Chapter 16

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Sands of Time, Fall of Grimclan

PQ Lore: Beyond the spitting sands, a wind-scoured shelf of rock juts toward the sky. Rising from the plateau is a shape from the nightmares of the demented: a misshapen tower crowned by a baleful glowing eye. Half creature and half stone, the structure seems to waver between shapes as if uncertain of its final form.

It is here that the Raven Host will awaken the Daemon trapped within the High Elf, Archmage Sylvara. It is a volatile spell that disturbs ruinous powers beyond that of just the Changer of Ways.

Stage 1: Followers of Slaanesh

Stage 2: Energy Channeled

Stage 3: Archmage Sylvara defeated

Stage 4: Souleater Defeated

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