Chaos Chapter 17 PQ
Out of the Shadows
zone: Praag

Out of the Shadows Public Quest

Destruction, Chaos, Chapter 17

location: Korzah's Assault, Praag, Chapter 17

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Gates of Praag, Sundered Fortress

PQ Lore: Here the Raven Host has made their camp in preparation for another push toward the Sundered Fortress. But trust in martial strength wanes when the forest sprouts arrows. warriors speak in uneasy whispers, keeping to the center of the camp, for an unseen enemy surrounds the Raven Host camp, keeping to the dappled shadows beneath the trees.

The High Elf allies of the Empire prepare to strike while the forces of Chaos are unprepared. Shadow Warriors have begun harrying the Northmen in an attempt to draw their force out so that the Silver Helms can make their charge.

Stage 1: Moonstorm Lurkers

Stage 2: Moonstorm Silver Helms

Stage 3: Elliara Windwhisper

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