Greenskin Chapter 5 PQ
Up the Creek Without a Battle

Up the Creek Without a Battle Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 5

location: Da Big Sand, Barak Varr, Chapter 5

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Danurgi's Rangers, Firebeard's Slayers

PQ Lore: The rancid stench of rotten meat permeates the air around Battlecreek. Lumbering footsteps crash through the underbrush and guttural roars ring through the dry creek valley.
Trolls scavenge amongst the ancient trees, drawn by the corpses of both greenskins and stunties and the prospect of a quick meal.

Many greenskins were killed during the failed naval assault on Barak Varr. Nogaz knows he must replenish the ranks. If he could somehow harness the might of the Tainted Creek Trolls, it would be a great boon for the outnumbered greenskins.

Stage 1: Renegade Tamer

Stage 2: Renegade Blasta

Stage 3: Grizznik the Blasta

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