Chaos Chapter 18 PQ
Cinderash Enclave
zone: Praag

Cinderash Enclave Public Quest

Destruction, Chaos, Chapter 18

location: Daemonfire, Praag, Chapter 18

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Tomb of Deathsword, Eastern Breach

PQ Lore: Gervault Feuer is the head of the Cinderash Enclave, a group of Bright Wizards that dedicated themselves to defending the city of Praag against the encroaches of Chaos. Though they toil bravely, it appears they are failing.

The land near Praag is now forever tainted and the corruption spreads daily.

Stage 1: Cinderash Flameswords

Stage 2: Cinderash Wizards

Stage 3: Break Gervault Feuer

Stage 4: Gervault Feuer

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