Greenskin Chapter 5 PQ
Firebeard's Slayers

Firebeard's Slayers Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 5

location: Da Big Sand, Barak Varr, Chapter 5

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Danurgi's Rangers, Up the Creek Without a Battle

PQ Lore: Captain Firebeard's Slayer ship has found safe harbor at a rocky Barak Varr anchorage. Countless boxes of cargo from the ship's previous victims now lay scattered about the beach, covered in kelp and dried sea salt. Dwarf voices carry through the nearby trees along with the scent of black powder and campfires. Following the massive naval battle at Barak Varr, Firebeard's Slayers were forced to make landfall to refit their vessel. They have now set up a base camp in the lagoon area while they attempt to salvage the floating crates from shipwrecks. All the while, Slayer cannons jut out from the shadows, drawing a careful bead upon anyone who approach their camp.

Stage 1: Sea Anvil Forces

Stage 2: Destroy Cannons

Stage 3: Fuergan Firebeard

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