Chaos Chapter 21 PQ
Stoneclan's Demise
zone: Reikland

Stoneclan's Demise Public Quest

Destruction, Chaos, Chapter 21

location: Vanik's Horde, Reikland, Chapter 21

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Hunting the Hunters, Vulgar Display of Power

PQ Lore: Grudges are never forgotten and very rarely forgiven by the Dwarfs. They hold their oaths to an even higher standard and consider an oath given by a King to be the oath of all those in service to the king. It is with this tenacity and stubborn will that the Dwarfs arrive to lend their axes to the besieged Empire cities, fulfilling Ironbeard's ancient oath to the manlings.

Stage 1: Stoneclan Cannons

Stage 2: Stoneclan Stoutgut

Stage 3: Redgar Ironbrew

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