Dark Elf Chapter 1 PQ
Spires of Narthain

Spires of Narthain Public Quest

Destruction, Dark Elf, Chapter 1

location: Black Ark Landing, Blighted Isles, Chapter 1

PQ Lore: The Tower of Narthain has weathered the long years since its creation without complaint, the flawless white marble still reflecting the morning sunlight as it did countless centuries ago. Rising high above the spires of the coastal town, it was from the tower of Narthain that the only warning came, and that much too late.

Archmage Sorilanys now holds the tower against the Dark Elf forces streaming into the Blighted Isle. With the tower guards so quickly overwhelmed and cut off from the town's defenders, Solrilanys had little choice but to seal the entrances to the tower and deal with the invaders herself.

Stage 1: Kill Narthain Soldiers

Stage 2: Narthain Sun Mage

Stage 3: Sunlathir

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