Greenskin Chapter 2 PQ
Sharpthorn Rock Mine

Sharpthorn Rock Mine Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 2

location: Da Big Saw, Mount Bloodhorn, Chapter 2

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Ironclaw Camp, Sharpthorn Wud

PQ Lore: Far to the south of the Ironclaw Sawmill lies the Old Sharpthorn Mine. While the mine is long-since depleted of precious Gromril, Dwarfs continue to revere the mine for the bounty it once granted. To the greenskins, the Old Sharpthorn Mine is just another hole in the ground that promises a plentiful supply of Rock Lobber ammunition.

With the majority of the Dwarf forces occupied elsewhere, a prodigious swarm of Sharpthorn Bats have taken up residence within the Old Sharpthorn Mine. Even the slightest activity within the mine may draw the attention of the remaining Irontoe dwarfs.

A steady supply of boulders from the Sharpthorn Mine will provide Grokk with all the ammunition he'll need for Warboss Grumlock's Rock Lobbers.

Stage 1: Invading Vermin

Stage 2: Lobber Rocks collected

Stage 3: Irontoe Overseers

Stage 4: Onaar Irontoe

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