Dark Elf Chapter 5 PQ
Ruins of Anlec

Ruins of Anlec Public Quest

Destruction, Dark Elf, Chapter 5

location: Ruins of Anlec, Shadowlands, Chapter 5

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Out of the Shadows, Rock of Galirian

PQ Lore: Anlec is the birthplace of the Witch King Malekith. Here Aenarion and Morathi held court in the days before the Sundering. As an adult Malekith used Anlec as a staging ground for much of his plotting of the events prior to the Sundering. Several artifacts imbued with the dark powers he harnessed for his various schemes remain hidden here, right under the noses of the High Elves. Lord Uthorin has seen to it that his house is the first to move to reclaim Anlec so that the he might recover these artifacts as tribute to Malekith.

Stage 1: Nagarythe Citizen

Stage 2: Artifacts Collected

Stage 3: Kelawyn the Unforgiving

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