Dark Elf Chapter 6 PQ
Jagged Coast

Jagged Coast Public Quest

Destruction, Dark Elf, Chapter 6

location: Sundered Strand, Shadowlands, Chapter 6

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
The Gloomridge Copse, Ruins of Nagarythe

PQ Lore: A patrol of Lothern Sea Guard had the fortune of spotting the Dark Elf forces on one of their many patrols of the Shadowlands coast. In short order, additional troops were organized and a mixed regiment of High Elves now occupy the Jagged Coast, repeater bolt throwers fast making ready to rain destruction upon their enemies.

Stage 1: Lothern Seascout

Stage 2: Destroy the Mist Glider

Stage 3: Asturiol Stormweaver

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