Greenskin Warcamp BO
Supply Depot

Alcadizaar's Tomb Objective

Destruction, Greenskin, Warcamp

location: Morth's Mire, Marshes of Madness, Warcamp

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Goblin Armory, Fangbreaka Swamp

PQ Lore: It was the young shaman Kadon who discovered the bloated corpse of King Alcadizaar along the banks of the Blind River. Even in death the King's hand remained locked around the sorcerous Crown of Nagash. Severing several fingers in the process, Kadon eventually pried the crown loose from Alcadizaar's hand. Later, once crown's power had consumed young shaman fully, Kadon saw to the burial of what remained of his benefactor, but the fingers of King Alcadizaar where never found.

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