Dark Elf Chapter 10 PQ
Quyl-Isha Temple
zone: Avelorn

Quyl-Isha Temple Public Quest

Destruction, Dark Elf, Chapter 10

location: Fernwood, Avelorn, Chapter 10

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Spirited Resistance, Wavesinger

PQ Lore: The temple to the goddess Isha found here is a rarity; in reality, there are very few temples dedicated to the worship of the High Elven goddess. Desecrating one of these beautiful areas in the name of Khaine would be a fitting way to announce that nothing that the High Elves hold dear is safe from the invasion of the Dark Elves.

Stage 1: Followers of Isha

Stage 2: Stars of Isha defiled

Stage 3: Sorceress Naditha

Stage 4: Avatar of Isha

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