Dark Elf Chapter 13 PQ
Whitemoon Manor
zone: Saphery

Whitemoon Manor Public Quest

Destruction, Dark Elf, Chapter 13

location: Knife's Edge, Saphery, Chapter 13

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Trial By Fire, Recompense

PQ Lore: The great manor of Alanir Whitemoon is renowned throughout Ulthuan as a place of wisdom and learning. Scholars come from around the land to experiment with the many strange artifacts he has collected and powerful magic stored within the tomes he holds, or to study the heavens above from his unique observatory. The desire of Lord Uthorin to improve the strength and performance of his Sorceresses makes the manor a prime target for pillage and plunder.

Alanir Whitemoon himself is renowned as a master of time and its flow. He regularly surprises his students with unexpectedly in-depth knowledge of their pasts or highly accurate predictions of their futures.

Stage 1: Whitemoon Apprentice

Stage 2: Wellstones destroyed

Stage 3: Larotan Stormbreaker

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