Dark Elf Chapter 15 PQ
The Battle of Aderaal
zone: Caledor

The Battle of Aderaal Public Quest

Destruction, Dark Elf, Chapter 15

location: Crimson Scar, Caledor, Chapter 15

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
The Vault of the Dragon Princes, Kelysian's Landing

PQ Lore: The town of Avethir has been used for centuries as a training ground for the volatile Dragon Mages. Over the years, the spires of the ancient town have been scorched black by magical flames, and the ground has been trampled flat under the feet of mighty Dragons.

The Dragon Mages, famed masters of both drake and spell, must now defend Avethir from the Dark Elf invaders bent on the town's destruction. If the Dark Elves can annihilate the home of the Dragon Mages, they will gain a major advantage in the battle for Caledor.

Stage 1: Slay the defending Drakeblades

Stage 2: Sindain Lightwing

Stage 3: Slay Caerildar the Proud

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