Dark Elf Chapter 15 PQ
Kelysian's Landing
zone: Caledor

Kelysian's Landing Public Quest

Destruction, Dark Elf, Chapter 15

location: Crimson Scar, Caledor, Chapter 15

PQ Lore: For millennia, the High Elves did not permit outsiders to pass through the Straits of Lothern and into the Inner Sea. Malekith's invasion has forced the proud defenders of Ulthuan to repeal this custom, for they are in dire need of help in their war against the Witch King.

A Dwarf Ironclad and a sailing vessel from the Empire have been escorted through the Straits to join the battle for the Inner Kingdoms. The vessels, which carry vital reinforcements, have docked at the small island of Kelysian's Landing off the eastern coast of Caledor. The commanders of the Dwarf and Empire forces now hold counsel with Prince Imrik and the other Dragon Princes, drawing up plans to counterattack the invaders by land, sea, and air.

Stage 1: Defeat the Order sailors

Stage 2: Destroy Grudgebreaker

Stage 3: Captain Brogan Stoneaxe

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