Dark Elf Chapter 16 PQ
The Fortress of Caledor
zone: Caledor

The Fortress of Caledor Public Quest

Destruction, Dark Elf, Chapter 16

location: Drakeshadow, Caledor, Chapter 16

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PQ Lore: The Fortress of Caledor is the home of the Dragon Prince Imrik, the last living heir of the great line of the Phoenix King Caledor I. He is one of the few nobles still able to rouse the Dragons to battle and his fortress is one of the last bastions of strength for the High Elves.

Malekith has fixed his cold gaze upon Imrik, for his death will deal a terrible blow to the morale of his people, as well as that of the Dragons who aid them. The Witch King will stop at nothing to see the great leader of the Dragon Princes slain.

Stage 1: Defenders of Caledor slain

Stage 2: Gate destroyed

Stage 3: Fortress Dragons and Dragontamers Slain

Stage 4: Imrik and Minaithnir slain

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