Dark Elf Chapter 20 PQ
Senthoi Pool
zone: Eataine

Senthoi Pool Public Quest

Destruction, Dark Elf, Chapter 20

location: Honor's Scourge, Eataine, Chapter 20

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PQ Lore: The Senthoi Pool is a traditional gathering place where the nobles of Eataine meet to resolve their differences through skill at arms. Each challenger stands atop one of the two marble platforms in the great pool. After bowing to one other, the rivals descend into the mist of the pool and stalk each other, battling to see who is the greater. Rarely do these duels end in death, for such is the skill and discipline of the High Elves that a winner may show his superior prowess without gravely injuring his opponent.

With the advent of the Dark Elves' invasion, the terraced hill above the pool has been converted into a military camp, its narrow switchbacks providing an ideal defensive position. As well, the height of the hill allows the keen-eyed High Elf defenders to see for miles.

The Dark Elves have established a small base opposite the hill, across the dueling pool. From here they seek the assault the camp, though this will be no easy task given the advantageous position of the High Elves.

Stage 1: Senthoi Defenders

Stage 2: Second Terrace Conquered

Stage 3: Hothenir Dawnedge

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