Dark Elf Chapter 20 PQ
The Phoenix Eye
zone: Eataine

The Phoenix Eye Public Quest

Destruction, Dark Elf, Chapter 20

location: Honor's Scourge, Eataine, Chapter 20

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Senthoi Pool, Woodsong Manor

PQ Lore: The enchanted tower known as the Phoenix Eye keeps an unceasing vigil, watching over the lands of Eataine and seeking any sign of danger. The Eye is crucial to the defense of Eataine, for as long as the High Elves are forewarned of an impending attack, they can meet the enemy in force.

The defense of the Phoenix Eye is the responsibility of the Eversight Mages. Their leader, Faliarin Eversight, knows full well how important his task is. He and his enclave are prepared to lay down their lives if necessary to keep the tower out of enemy hands.

Stage 1: Objectives Claimed

Stage 2: Eversight Windbows Slain

Stage 3: Slay Faliarin Eversight

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