Dark Elf Chapter 22 PQ
Follow the Light
zone: Eataine

Follow the Light Public Quest

Destruction, Dark Elf, Chapter 22

location: Ebonhold Watch, Eataine, Chapter 22

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Last Stand, Glittering Citadel

PQ Lore: The noble house of Truelight has tended the coastal vineyards of Eataine for as long as Elf histories remember. Their proximity to Lothern has always kept them close to the workings of the city, and members of the house routinely travel there from the small docks of their vineyard.

With the outbreak of war, Truelight Manor has become a gathering point for citizens of Eataine wishing to flee to the safety of Lothern. Every High Elf who reaches the capital bolsters its defenses; it is a situation the Dark Elves cannot afford if they intend to conquer Lothern.

Stage 1: High Elf Defenders

Stage 2: Hopeless Citizens Intercepted

Stage 3: Lord of Truelight

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