Dark Elf Chapter 22 PQ
Glittering Citadel
zone: Eataine

Glittering Citadel Public Quest

Destruction, Dark Elf, Chapter 22

location: Ebonhold Watch, Eataine, Chapter 22

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Follow the Light, Last Stand

PQ Lore: Malekith's plans have come to fruition. The Dark Elves have driven their hated brethren back to the gates of Lothern. From here there is no retreat and no surrender. This is the last stand for the heroic defenders of Ulthuan. If the Phoenix flames atop the towers are extinguished, Lothern will fall and the city will be overrun.

Caradryan and the Phoenix Guard are Lothern's last defense against the armies of the Witch King that have amassed on their doorstep. If the Glittering Tower falls, nothing will stand between the black armies of Naggaroth and the shining capital of Ulthuan.

Stage 1: Kill Citadel Defenders

Stage 2: Sternhelm Silentblade

Stage 3: Keepers of the Flames

Stage 4: Gethril the Watcher

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