Dwarf Chapter 2 PQ
Durak's Gate
zone: Ekrund

Durak's Gate Public Quest

Order, Dwarf, Chapter 2

location: Redhammer Brewery, Ekrund, Chapter 2

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Engine Number Nine, Murgluk's Gits

PQ Lore: Durak's Gate is a welcoming sight for the Dwarfs returning into their long-lost homeland. The venerable passageway is the gateway to the ancient city of Ekrund. To the greenskins, however, Durak's Gate represents frustration and boiling anger. The massive Gate bars their entrance to the Dwarf city and its very presence continues to taunt them into a frenzy of violence. Wave after wave of greenskin aggression is thrown at the massive Gate, but so far each attack has been in vain.

Despite their unending efforts, the Dwarfs have been unable to put an end to the greenskin assaults on Durak's Gate. The stonemasters within the city are hard-pressed to keep the walls and door repaired with constant press of the greenskin attack.

Stage 1: Bloody Sun Greenskins

Stage 2: Destroy Rock Lobbers

Stage 3: Warboss Grimskull

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