Greenskin Chapter 8 PQ
Grundadrakk's Wharf

Grundadrakk's Wharf Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 8

location: Bar Dawazbak, Barak Varr, Chapter 8

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Boarding the Seahammer, Fall of Firebrew

PQ Lore: Obscured by the smoke from cannon fire and burning crates, fresh Barak Varr Sea Axes from outside the city mingle with their exhausted brethren upon Grundadrakk's Wharf. With its massed battery of weaponry and stacks of supplies, the Wharf serves as meeting place, stockpile and command location to the determined Dwarfs.

Reinforcements have begun trickling into Barak Varr, bolstering the Dwarf defenses with much needed troops and news. Should Grundadrakk's Wharf remain in Dwarf hands, the tide of battle will most assuredly turn against the greenskin horde.

Stage 1: Barak Varr Sea-Axes

Stage 2: Set Fire to Supplies

Stage 3: Kill Barak Varr Whitebeards

Stage 4: Anvar Steelhammer

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