Dwarf Chapter 2 PQ
Murgluk's Gits
zone: Ekrund

Murgluk's Gits Public Quest

Order, Dwarf, Chapter 2

location: Redhammer Brewery, Ekrund, Chapter 2

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Durak's Gate, Engine Number Nine

PQ Lore: A Dwarf iron mine has been overtaken by a swarm of Snotlings. Led by Murgluk, a horribly mutated, giant Snotling, the Snotling horde has swollen in numbers, becoming a menacing sea of green.
As part of their effort to gain a firm foothold in the area, the Dwarfs need to secure the mine. Once reclaimed, the mine will ensure a healthy supply of iron for the war effort.

Before the mine can be put in working order however, Murgluk and his Gits will have to go.

Stage 1: Captured Miners Rescued

Stage 2: Boss Gits

Stage 3: Murgluk

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