Dwarf Chapter 4 PQ
Traitor's Watch

Traitor's Watch Public Quest

Order, Dwarf, Chapter 4

location: Skalfson's Watch, Mount Bloodhorn, Chapter 4

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Marghaz Bloodtoof Ritual, Gutrot Mine

PQ Lore: The camp that is home to the group of bandits known as Dietrich Dogs looms across the river just to the west of Captain Skalfson and his men. Headquarters to the infamous Dietrich Lichtermann, the bandit camp sprawls across the war-torn landscape like a swollen tick. The camp has grown and festered due to its remote location. Dietrich and his home can only be reached through the perilous waterfall near Traitor's Watch.

Times are good for banditry, judging by the vast store of pilfered goods the Dogs have accumulated. For every barrel of ale returned to Dwarf hands by Skalfson's brave crew, another ten remain tantalizingly beyond reach. The Dogs must be put down to ensure the security of the Dwarf supply line through Dead Water Pass.

Stage 1: Dog Soldiers

Stage 2: Defeat Paymasters

Stage 3: Dietrich Lichtermann

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