Dwarf Chapter 5 PQ
Oathgold Mine

Oathgold Burrow Public Quest

Order, Dwarf, Chapter 5

location: Dead Water Bog, Marshes of Madness, Chapter 5

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Axerust Peak, Foul Ruins

PQ Lore: Lichen glimmers strangely in the low light, highlighting deposits of Oathgold in the hewn stone walls of the mine. Spidery veins of the legendary ore glow brightly even beneath piles of rat droppings and marsh filth.

Spoken of in whispers, lost, and now rediscovered, the Oathgold Mine is among the greatest of Dwarf legends. Mordrin Bitterstone rediscovered the mine during his passage through the Marshes and ordered the immediate establishment of a mining operation. With genuine Oathgold in hand, the Runesmiths have a key ingredient in their quest to fashion Doomstrikers for use in the war. Unfortunately, the Mine's animal denizens must be driven out before mining can begin in earnest.

Stage 1: Oathgold Deposits Identified

Stage 2: Return Sacks of Oathgold

Stage 3: Whitenose

Stage 4: Blurk

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