Greenskin Chapter 2 PQ
Ironclaw Camp

Ironclaw Camp Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 2

location: Da Big Saw, Mount Bloodhorn, Chapter 2

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Sharpthorn Rock Mine, Sharpthorn Wud

PQ Lore: Da War Maka dominates the surrounding landscape, towering above the treetops like a drunken Giant. A skeleton crew of greenskins remains to supervise the harvest of lumber after the rest of the Waaagh! has moved on.

The once proud remnants of the infamous Imperial regiment, Dietrich's Dogs, have begun trickling into the area, eager to profit from the destruction greenskins have left in their wake.

Meanwhile, the Irontoe Dwarfs have launched a furious assault, further complicating matters by pinning the Ironclaw Goblins within their camp and stopping all travel between the Goblin Camp and Da War Maka. Between the bandit thievery and the Dwarf attack, all work at Da War Maka has ground to a halt. Without an Ironclaw Goblin workforce, Grokk has no hope of meeting Warboss Grumlok's demand for siege equipment.

Stage 1: Kill Dog Forces

Stage 2: Kill Dog Marauders

Stage 3: Evert Webb

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