Dwarf Chapter 9 PQ
The Tower of Neborhest

The Tower of Neborhest Public Quest

Order, Dwarf, Chapter 9

location: Oathhold, Marshes of Madness, Chapter 9

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Agymah's Lair, Neborhest's Vanguard

PQ Lore: An ancient Mourkain spire looms high above the marshlands. Safely guarded within the innermost chamber, Lord Neborhest's quest for ultimate knowledge has been disrupted by two unallied forces.

Chief among Neborhest's concerns are the Dwarfs who are continually destroying the few remaining priceless Mourkain remains in their efforts to build a road through the fens. The other thorn in the Vampire Lord's side is his old enemy, Liche Priest Agymah, who flaunts the Neborhest's will by continuing to raise an opposing force of undead in the bog south of the great tower.

Stage 1: Stop the Feeders

Stage 2: Destroy the Pillar

Stage 3: Destroy the Pillar

Stage 4: Destroy the Pillar

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