Greenskin Chapter 9 PQ
Ironrock Point

Ironrock Point Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 9

location: Mobash's Place, Barak Varr, Chapter 9

PQ Lore: A beam of concentrated light erupts from the rocky promontory and lances northwest across the turbulent waters of the Port of Barak Varrr. Fashioned by the same hands that carved Dwarf likenesses in the stone of the ancient Dwarf sea port, Ironrock Point has been used by the Kings of Barak Varr for centuries as both a beacon to sea going vessels, and a means to signal for aid in the event of war.

The overland greenskin attack on Barak Varr caught the Dwarfs unready, and one of King Grundadrakk's first edicts was to light the distress beacon atop Ironrock Point. Mobash's ladz must destroy the lighthouse to prevent Dwarf reinforcements from arriving in time to rescue the Dwarf sea port from greenskin hands.

Stage 1: Grundadrakk Grudgeladen

Stage 2: Defend Lobber Crew

Stage 3: Drundig Garlesson

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