Dwarf Chapter 13 PQ
Skullbreaker Ridge

Skullbreaker Ridge Public Quest

Order, Dwarf, Chapter 13

location: Dunhilda's Lads, The Badlands, Chapter 13

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Putrid Tar Pits, Tomb of Kali'Amon

PQ Lore: High on a bluff east of the Oathbearer camp, Savage Orc wardrums beat out a frenetic message. Armorless Orcs with painted faces mingle freely with their smaller armored cousins. By some strange intercession of their gods, bickering between the tribes remains almost nonexistent.

Should the tribes successfully unite, the small force of Oathbearers will be swept away before the green tide and the needed Brightstone will ever reach Karaz-a-Karak. The unholy union must be stopped.

Stage 1: Kill Blue Face Orcs

Stage 2: Kill Bloody Sun Neckbreakas

Stage 3: Grumgul Fistsmasha

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