Dwarf Chapter 14 PQ
Black Orc Slog

Black Orc Slog Public Quest

Order, Dwarf, Chapter 14

location: Ironbeard's Assault, The Badlands, Chapter 14

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Bloody Savages, Skullsmasher's Boyz

PQ Lore: The merciless sun beats down on the backs of the Dwarf captives as the crack of the lash echoes through the arid air of the Badlands. Black Orcs intent on having the best choppas and armor are enslaving Dwarfs at a prodigious rate. These Dwarfs are forced to make arms for their ancient foes. Those that refuse are destined for the stew pot.

When news of the greenskin atrocities reached Athran Ironbeard, he knew there was only one course of action. Though it would strip the Dwarf camp's defenses bare, he would need to mount a rescue mission to free the captured Dwarfs and pay back the greenskins for this insult.

Stage 1: Free Oathbearer Captives

Stage 2: Bloody Sun Enforca

Stage 3: Bashtoof One-Eye

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