Greenskin Chapter 9 PQ
When the Ship Hits the Sand

When the Ship Hits the Sand Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 9

location: Mobash's Place, Barak Varr, Chapter 9

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Ironrock Point, Long Drong and the Slayer Cove

PQ Lore: Sand scrapes along the hull of a massive Ironclad as engines struggle vainly to back the hulking ship into the water. The harsh staccato of angry Dwarfs cursing in Khazalid can be heard above the din of over-strained machinery and grinding gears.

King Grundaddrak's crash landing has trapped the Dwarfs in a horrible position. Perhaps the Engineers would be able to ease the Ironclad from the beach if they weren't constantly being showered with falling missiles by greenskin Rock Lobbers each time they go above decks. Likewise, the massive guns atop the deck cannot be manned, due to the onslaught, whittling down the Dwarfs' ability to fend off the advancing Greenskins.

Stage 1: Kill Grundadrakk Dwarfs

Stage 2: Kill Grundadrakk Honor Guard

Stage 3: Defeat Hargar Stonebearer

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