Dwarf Chapter 14 PQ
Skullsmasher's Boyz

Skullsmasher's Boyz Public Quest

Order, Dwarf, Chapter 14

location: Ironbeard's Assault, The Badlands, Chapter 14

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Black Orc Slog, Bloody Savages

PQ Lore: Droplets of water on the scarred and weathered hides of Bloodsnout Boars sparkle in the sun's hard glare as the herd moves along the river's edge. Above the Boars, a group of Blue Face Grabbas clumsily attempt to sneak up on them. Once caught, the Boars will provide suitable mounts for the Waaagh!

In order to survive, Athran Ironbeard and his camp of Oathbearers must slaughter the boars to prevent the greenskins from fielding their cavalry.

Stage 1: Savage Bloodsnouts

Stage 2: Blue Face Reapas

Stage 3: Skullsmasher da Bloodied

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