Dwarf Chapter 15 PQ
Ambush Pass

Ambush Pass Public Quest

Order, Dwarf, Chapter 15

location: Kazad Gromar, Kadrin Valley, Chapter 15

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Evil Axis, Plague Mist Vale

PQ Lore: Snow-covered pines cluster thickly up to the edge of the road leading from Kazad Gromar. Once out from under the protective shadow of Dwarf statues, the caravans heading to the High King's foundry rely on steel and determination to see their load safely delivered.

Just as the caravans emerge from the safety of cannon range, greenskin raiders launch themselves from the tree line intent on destroying the caravan and capturing its goods.

With slavering brutality, the greenskins make short work of the fallen Oathbearer caravan. Helpless to act at this distance, sentries view the carnage from atop the town's gates making promises to themselves that the greenskins will be repaid in kind.

Angrim Stonefist cannot allow this to continue. The grudges must be repaid!

Stage 1: Bloody Sun Greenskins

Stage 2: Oathbearer Freightmasters Slain

Stage 3: Ghutoof da Hunta

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