Dwarf Chapter 15 PQ
Plague Mist Vale

Plague Mist Vale Public Quest

Order, Dwarf, Chapter 15

location: Kazad Gromar, Kadrin Valley, Chapter 15

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Ambush Pass, Evil Axis

PQ Lore: The stench of rotting flesh hangs heavy in the air, a noisome cloud of putrescence. Determined to spread the worship of their dark lord, the Cult of the Weeping Sore has moved into Kadrin Valley at the head of a large Beastmen herd. Ostensibly reinforcements for the greenskins currently assaulting the keep, Contagion the Blighted and his brethren have concentrated their efforts on keeping the Dwarfs of Kazad Gromar busy chasing shadows rather than looking to defense of Kadrin Valley itself.

Angrim Stonefist has seen first-hand the damage these plague-worshipping humans can do to their allies in battle. The Oathbearers of Kazad Gromar must find a way to neutralize the cult before the Dwarfs find themselves isolated from the rest of the forces of Order.

Stage 1: Weeping Sore Cultists

Stage 2: Plague Cauldrons

Stage 3: Contagion the Blighted

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