Dwarf Warcamp BO
Dolgrund's Cairn

Dolgrund's Cairn Objective

Order, Dwarf, Warcamp

location: Kargrund's Stand, Thunder Mountain, Warcamp

PQ Lore: Dolgrund Dralminsson, former commander of the Gharvin's Brace Regiment, gave his life fighting a rear-guard action centuries ago, single-handedly saving the lives of a hundred seven Dwarfs. The burial site of Dolgrund Dralminsson is sacred to the Dwarfs, for no action is as undeniably Dwarfy as an embittered last stand. The greenskins have sensed that they can easily goad the Dwarfs into a fight at the Cairn with a few well place piles of drek, yet such a decision may prove foolish at such a revered location.

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