Greenskin Chapter 10 PQ
Gassy Mines

Gassy Mines Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 10

location: Moogz' Brawl, Black Fire Pass, Chapter 10

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Statue of Inspiration, Thardrik Smashin'

PQ Lore: A string of Dwarfs moves a stream of boxes from mine entrance to waiting gyrocopter. A muffled roar and slowly oscillating wings signal the oncoming take off as another shipment of badly needed ores is prepared for departure.

Named for the poisonous gasses working their way up through the rocks, the Gassy Mine would have been abandoned long ago were it not for the sheer variety and amount of minerals to be found within. The miners of Thadrik have long held that the rewards far outweigh the risks of working in the mine.

To Trug and his lads however, the mine offers a prime chance for enjoying two of their most favorite things: riling up the stunties and having a roaring good fight.

Stage 1: Gassy Mine Inhabitants

Stage 2: Thardrik Tinkerers

Stage 3: Ironbreaker Burrowrock

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