Dwarf Chapter 16 PQ
The Sealed Tower

Night Riders Public Quest

Order, Dwarf, Chapter 16

location: Hungry Troll Pub, Kadrin Valley, Chapter 16

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Gates of Grung Grimaz, The Sealed Tower

PQ Lore: The Dark Riders and Heralds were the first to make contact with the greenskin forces in Kadrin Valley as they traveled at the fore of the Dark Elf spearhead. When Grung Grimaz fell to the Dark Elf Host, the Dark Riders set about securing the supply lines and have their secret base tucked away in the mountains close to the mining town.

If the Oathbearers are to be successful in retaking Grung Grimaz, the Dark Elf riders will need to be eradicated before they can provide reinforcements to the Dark Elves within the town.

Stage 1: Uthorin Elves

Stage 2: Uthorin Renders

Stage 3: Uthorin Witches

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