Dwarf Chapter 17 PQ
Red with Envy

Red with Envy Public Quest

Order, Dwarf, Chapter 17

location: Lorkinson's Excavation, Thunder Mountain, Chapter 17

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Dragon's Blessing, 'Ungry 'Ungry Greenskins

PQ Lore: After battling greenskins over the ravaged remains of Dwarf structures for so long, Zamgrund receives the news of attacks by human bandits under the leadership of Franz Reichert nearby with a snort of disdain. Although already embroiled in a quarrel with the greenskins, Zamgrund knows the three-way fight could soon turn against the Dwarfs if the manlings are not dealt with promptly.

If the Oathbearers are to have any chance of recovering whatever remains in the disputed vaults, they will have to root out Reichert's Raiders and the greenskin scum in one fell swoop.

Stage 1: Reichert's Treasure Diggers

Stage 2: Banners Planted

Stage 3: Grimgut da Red Basha

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