Dwarf Chapter 17 PQ
'Ungry 'Ungry Greenskins

'Ungry 'Ungry Greenskins Public Quest

Order, Dwarf, Chapter 17

location: Lorkinson's Excavation, Thunder Mountain, Chapter 17

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Dragon's Blessing, Red with Envy

PQ Lore: A warband of Bloody Sun Boyz on its way to the Waaagh! has found itself stranded in Thunder Mountain without supplies. Normally a nice scrap with a nearby human or stunty settlement would reap them food and supplies, but the Reichert's Raiders have proven too hard a nut to crack and the newly arrived Oathbearers, with their grim Doomstrikers, are a little much for any git on an empty stomach.

Now, the warband has begun fighting amongst itself - making quick use of the fallen in its stewpots.

Zamgrund isn't fooled by the appearance of instability. He knows that once a strong leader emerges the bickering will cease- and the Oathbearers could well find themselves in hot water. A hungry greenskin is a dangerous greenskin.

Stage 1: Bonebreaker Harpy

Stage 2: Beastmaster Kohdred

Stage 3: Maligia Eyegouger

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