Greenskin Chapter 10 PQ
Statue of Inspiration

Statue of Inspiration Public Quest

Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 10

location: Moogz' Brawl, Black Fire Pass, Chapter 10

Other PQs & BOs in this chapter:
Gassy Mines, Thardrik Smashin'

PQ Lore: A statue of Lord Thardrik the First faces out towards the main gate, hammer and shield in hand as he holds vigil over the road.

Though smaller by far than other representations of that illustrious foresire, this statue has become the unofficial meeting and rallying place for the Dwarfs of Thardrik, and they will fight to the last Dwarf rather than let greenskin claws mar that beloved stone and the town beyond.

Stage 1: Rallying Thardriksson

Stage 2: Thardrik Beardrouser

Stage 3: Thardrik Hammer Guards

Stage 4: Lord Thardrik

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