Dwarf Warcamp BO
Thunder Mountain Summit

Karak Palik Objective

Order, Dwarf, Warcamp

location: Hammerstriker Point, Black Crag, Warcamp

PQ Lore: At last, the Bloody Sun Boyz and The Oathbearers have reached the summit of Thunder Mountain. As the echoes of battle reverberate around them, the warriors can see the entirety of the region at their feet. The air is hot and smoky. Ash particles swirl around, sticking to skin already slick with sweat and blood.

The combatants are exhausted: their feet drag, their sword arms droop. Combined with the ash dried upon their skin, the languid pace makes them look like walking statues. Slowly, surely the warriors draw upon reserves deep within themselves to trudge the final steps to their goal.

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